Class Schedule


Classes for All Levels - Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays

Class offerings include Intro level Beginner, Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate and Advanced.  Specialty class in Cuadro Skills. 

For UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff, Clara teaches a semester course in Beginning Flamenco.  



FALL/WINTER SESSION - updated 12/12/2018

All classes are currently building choreography for our student showcase on March 24th at La Peña Cultural Center.


Drop-ins will be accommodated if there is space.   

**Next Technique Sessions will start April 1, 2019 -  at that time all sessions will open to new students! **   


BEGINNER BULERIAS - 6:30-7:45PM (1 hr 15)

JAN: (1/8 - 1/22) $54 - 3 CLASSES - NO CLASS 1/29

FEB: (2/5 - 2/26) $72 - 4 CLASSES

ADVANCED SEGUIRIYA - 7:50-9:30pm (1hr 40)

JAN: (1/8 - 1/22) $60 - 3 CLASSES - NO CLASS 1/29

FEB: (2/5 - 2/26) $80 - 4 CLASSES 



This class will cover various palos (Bulerias, Tangos, Solea por Bulerias, Fandangos, Alegrias, Solea, Tientos etc.) and include palmas technique, support & soloist skills.  Homework will be assigned including choreography assignments w/ templates to support understanding of function of sequences in choreography.  Drop-in $25 with instructor approval.

JAN 2019: (1/3-1/31) $100 - 5 CLASSES

FEB 2019: (2/7 - 2/28) $80 - 4 CLASSES


BEGINNER 2:  10:00-11:15am (1hr 15)

JAN: (1/5, 1/19, 1/26) $54 - 3 CLASSES - NO CLASS 1/12

FEB: (2/2 - 2/23) $72 - 4 CLASSES

INTERMEDIATE SOLEA POR BULERIAS: 11:20am-1:00pm (1hr 40)  

Castanets/Sevillanas first 20 minutes of class. 

JAN: (1/5, 1/19, 1/26) $60 - 3 CLASSES - NO CLASS 1/12

FEB 2019: (2/2 - 2/23) $80 - 4 CLASSES 

Contact for Registration


Clara is now teaching a Beginner Flamenco Class in the Physical Education department at UC Berkeley.  Spring 2019 schedule is Thursdays 5-7pm at Hearst Gym



Clara is available for privates and semi-privates in dance and cante (flamenco singing)

Rates: $75 p/hr 

Discounts available when purchasing 4 or more classes as a series

Inquire for semi-private rates

Contact for Privates


DROP-IN POLICY: ALLOWED ON FIRST ATTENDED CLASS ONLY.  If on first day of class, student decides to enroll in a session/monthly payment, the drop-in fee will be waived and 1st class will be considered part of the session paid for.  First-time drop-in fee for Beginner (1 hour) classes is $20, for Interm/Adv (1 hr 45 min) is $25.  Approval for a drop-in for other circumstances may be granted with approval by instructor.

Payments can be made via check, cash, Paypal or Venmo

Select FRIENDS & FAMILY option when using Paypal to avoid fees.

Checks made payable to Clara Rodriguez.

Makeup classes for missed classes permitted only w/ instructor approval and dependent upon class capacity/level.  No carry-overs to future sessions or refunds.    

Max 8 dancers p/class.

Please refrain from using perfume or heavily scented lotions or products.

Be prompt out of respect for instructor and class members

Recordings made in class can only be shared with current members of class


Studio Azul

3586 66th Ave

Oakland, CA 94605


Q: What do I wear in class?

A:  Most students wear exercise/yoga stretch pants and a comfortable top.  Some students opt for a long flowing skirt.  The key is find something you can comfortably move in, that will allow unrestricted movement. 

Q: What shoes do I wear?

A: Most beginner students don't yet have flamenco shoes.  A good beginner substitute (and low cost) is a character shoe with a low heel.  For another economical option, you can give second hand flamenco shoes a try.  Look on ebay, etsy, Poshmark etc.  Brands to look for are Menkes, Gallardo, Artefyl, Senovilla, Begoña Cervera, Don Flamenco - the best flamenco dance shoes are made in Spain.  Here are some tips for buying shoes and what to look for:

  • Look for shoes with nails (NOT TAPS) on the bottom.
  • Ideal heel height is 5 cm or shorter.  Taller heels (6 cm+) will be more difficult and less sturdy for beginner student.  
  • Heels should be made of wood, not plastic.
  • Look for leather straps (not elastic) and leather or suede material.
  • Be aware that you will need to look carefully at size chart as many Spanish brands will use European, not US sizing.  For example, I am US size 9 1/2 or 10, and my size for most Flamenco shoes is 40 or 40.5., AA (doble ancho or double wide)  You will need to carefully trace the outline of your foot (or have someone help you trace) and then measure to find your proper size.   Here is a link for how to size from Senovilla website:
  • Good brands are Menkes, Gallardo, Artefyl, Senovilla, Begoña Cervera. 
  • Boots for men can also be found in folklorico stores - Casa Folklorica: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 

Online resources for NEW shoes:

- Flamenco Export: (sell Flamenco Export brand shoe for around $50 + shipping from UK) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

- Flamenco West (based in LA):

Q: Where can I see flamenco locally?

A: There are a variety of local venues with regular flamenco performances.  These include Thirsty Bear Brewing Co., The Sound Room, and there are a variety of local companies and festivals that produce theatrical productions throughout the year.  These include:

Bay Area Flamenco Festival 

Caminos Flamencos

Theatre Flamenco

San Francisco Flamenco Dance Company


“Clara’s classes are fun, well-organized, and engaging. My dancing quickly improved with the help of her precise yet compassionate feedback.” -Jenny

“Clara is very patient and attentive. The classes are well-paced and feel like one-on-one sessions." Mimi

“Clara’s flamenco classes are everything you expect, and more, from a passionate dancer, creative choreographer, and excellent teacher.  She is keenly aware of her students’ proficiency levels, and is generous and specific in her guidance and help. I look forward with great anticipation to every one of my classes with Clara.” -Maha

“I just have to rave about Clara’s teaching. After being a flamenco teacher myself for 20 years it’s great to be able to TAKE class! She keeps me in shape, keeps me up on the latest moves, and her choreographies with details of how to pull them off really works.” -Andrea

“Clara is not just a beautiful dancer, she is also a wonderful teacher. Her choreographies are very challenging and fun to learn; she corrects and encourages her students with patience and good humor always.” -Kate